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The neuropathology laboratory is located on Level 4 of the Kenneth Myer Building. The facility provides neuropathology diagnsotics and research resources for histological studies on both human and research animal tissues. Services, on a cost recovery basis, are available to both in-house and out-of-house researchers with ethics approved projects requiring histological analysis. Highly qualified and specialised staff are available for project consultation and to provide itemised quotes for studies requiring histological preparations.

Please contact the facility Manager, Dr Ian Birchall, to discuss approaches, planning and costing of projects requiring histological analysis.

Tel: 0408478326  or email

Available Services:

    Fixation and processing of animal and human tissues for paraffin embedding.
    Snap freezing and cryoprotection of tissues for cryotomy.
    Rodent transcardial perfusion fixation.
    Serial and series sectioning of frozen, paraffin and resin embedded tissues.
    Chemical staining and immunohistochemistry (see routine antibody panel).
    Cryostat training and hire for client use.
    Microtome training and hire for client use.
    Development of immunohistochemical methods for client supplied antibodies.
    Hybridisation histochemistry.
    Paraffin embedded tissue blots.
    Macroscopic and microscopic digital image acquisition.
    Labels and microscope slide printing.

2016 Services Price List - available on request

Booking of Cryostats and Microtomes

Access to the facility's cryostats and microtomes is provided to students and researchers who are considered competent after completion of an induction and training program. Please contact Mirjana Bogeski ( to arrange cryostat or microtome induction and training. The training session consists of 1h of personalised training followed by 2h of closely supervised practice.  For users with prior cryostat or microtome experience, a 30min facility and safety induction session must be undertaken before gaining access to the equipment.